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John Mobley

Originally Posted by Action View Post
Shaun Phillips is on pace for 17 sacks...I wouldn't mind him on a low 1-2 year contract...who knows he could use this season to leverage some other team for a huge contract.

Duke Ihenacho is a must resign at a low rate unless we plan on drafting another safety in his spot.

If I had to pick one player to resign, it'd definitely have to be Chris Harris.

I believe Eric Decker will resign but it's tough considering they have DT up next year with Wes Welker.
As much as I would love to continue gazing upon Eric Decker my priority outside of Woodyard would be Nacho and if he doesn't want a low rate, I'd give him higher and not even think about putting another safety in his position. I agree on Chris Harris too. Those are my top 3. Then Beadles and Decker. Love ya Decker but WR's are a dime a dozen.
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