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Originally Posted by Pony Boy View Post
I've never said people should be without insurance but leave the current system alone for the people that are happy with what they have.

Issue all others including pre-existing conditions a Medicare card with a monthly premium that corresponds to their income or ability to pay.

Good for you to even say that about not taking away insurance.

Problem is Fox news has you believing you will have to change insurance....completely false.

If you have insurance you can keep it, thats in the law.

If you guys would just check your info it would help a lot.

Congress as of right now will have to change their insurance which is prob high as hell..............because of Repub. Sen. Grassley added an amendment that forces congress to enter the pool like people who don't have insurance through work...........

Sen. Grassley was trying to get a few more congressan to vote no on OBAMACRE in this exemption they speak of is by there own hand.

Check it out.............
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