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Originally Posted by Broncos_OTM View Post
Jetmeck its YOU not the topic.

Its me ? lol

Actually you have no answers and yes I'd like to smack the crap out of a-holes who want to take away peoples opportunity to get insurance.

Imagine that, repubs want us to not have insurance, not medicare or SS. They have always been that way............

Surprise, surprise and if you cannot stand the truth that on you.

Your party is the help the rich and no insurance bunch.

Deal with it

PS...........LYING REPUBLICANS WHO HELP THE RICH AND TRY TO **** the little guy are the rpoblem. Those of us pointing it out are not.

I get upset real quick with those on here who are so partisan they lie throught their teeth.

This Obamacare issue has been settled and will help millions and save lives............

Attaching it to the budget when the dems accepted the repubs bedget numbers by completely compromising and giving the repubs everything they wanted on budget numbers.

Our side more than compromised and your side wants to basically kill people.............

DON'T BLAME THE MESSENGER...........fix your screwed up party !

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