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Originally Posted by Breaker View Post
Ok, I would like to ask a few questions.

1) How old are your children?
2a) Does your wife have a job?
2b) If not, why not?
3) Are you currently employed?
4) Does your company offer any benefits to spouses or families

please be honest

Always honest and that is the righties problem with me.

I would vote for a republican with a better idea .

Its about right and wrong, nothing else.

2 kids...12...and 15

both work and insurance through job is too high.

Been shopping through Blue Cross online.

They told me to wait till 10/1.

I did and the prices dropped 200 hundred for both kids total.

I don't know what your up to but there is nothing here for you to find.

Obamacare lowered the costs and I have received several hundred dollars of FREE wellcare because of it...............
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