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Malik Jackson

Originally Posted by Drek View Post
This list is missing Moreno because he has a team option and therefore won't be a UFA until that option is declined, but my take on what to do with it would be as follows:

1. Carter, Harris, Ihenacho, and Holliday all get team friendly multi-year offers. If any decline they can be retained on their RFA/ERFA tag.

2. Unrein, Boren, and Orton are kept on lowest dollar one year tags as camp bodies, need to earn roster spots oncea gain.

3. Woodyard, Ayers, Moreno, Beadles, Decker, Kuper, DRC. That's the order I'd want to retain the veterans.

Woodyard needs to be locked up, he's a big part of the defense.

Ayers looks poised to come into his own now that he's given the starting spot and could be an excellent compliment opposite Von, should be retained if at all financially possible.

Moreno is looking like a real play maker in this offense thanks to his versatility, while both Hillman and Ball are more one dimensional backs. I'm not sure if I'd pick up his option (it's only $1.3M in base salary but requires a $5M option bonus), but I'd definitely look to retain him.

Beadles is solid, young, and healthy so he adds nice consistency to the line. If he doesn't break the bank he should be retained.

Decker is a luxury resign. DT is the big guy they've got to extend before he hits the market in 2015 and Welker is already a well paid WR. Welker's deal was only for three years so they might be able to get Decker to take less up front and have his salary expand when Welker's money is freed up. If the money can work out then go for it, but I'm suspect.

Kuper seems like a worthwhile value re-sign as depth where he can continue to develop as a center and potentially challenge for a job next camp. I don't see him being offered a starting guarantee due to his health issues, so if he'd take a modest seven figure sum to be the swing OG/OC with a chance to compete I'd be all for retaining him.

DRC is a luxury for a team with Harris, Webster, Bolden, and Carter already under control and Champ as the established vet. If he'll take a reasonable number to stick around that'd be great but I'm betting he'll want more money than the Broncos should spend on a guy who might end up the #4 corner (if Harris and Webster leapfrog him, which seems a distinct possibility).

If we learned anything yesterday it is that you can NEVER have too much depth on DEF. You lose a few guys and Romo looks like Manning (until game is on the line ). DRC, if he can keep playing at a high level, is a HUGE re-sign for us. Champ at another year older and having lost a step with a massive contract is still a big question mark. I'm high on Kayvon and obviously Harris who we must, absolutely, positively keep on this team.

I don't think Carter or especially Bolden are worthy of wearing a Bronco uniform. I would love to see other options there.

Put DRC after Moreno on your order of retains and otherwise I agree with everything you said.
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