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Originally Posted by The Lone Bolt View Post
Tsk tsk Such hostility. I was just asking questions.

So you are implying that you do in fact get better benefits. And as a mental health professional (also master's-level educated) I can assure you that you do need mental health coverage. No history of mental health issues is no guarantee that one will not occur. You could for example be involved in a horrific accident and suffer from PTSD or severe depression. And are you really sure you don't need prescription medication coverage? Even you might come down with an unexpected illness.

Now if you think that the PPACA standard plans cover too much, that can be debated and the law can be reformed if needed. But that's not evidence that it doesn't work at all.
You just nutshelled the problem. The Consumer can no longer buy the coverage he needs but instead only that which is politically ordained.

Which will only serve to amplify everything that's wrong with health care.
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