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Originally Posted by Breaker View Post
Links about Obamacare's impact on the young:

Is 5 sources enough or do you need more, or maybe you just care to ignore the FACTS.

2. My current plan which I am operating under right now, as my employer dropped my insurance coverage last year in advance of Obamacare, I live in Colorado, was $101.00 a month for the last year. The exact same plan, same deductible, same exact coverage, as found through the Colorado Exchange as of 10/3/2013, was $160.00 which is a 58% increase in my costs for the exact same coverage in ALL respects.

Now, if you would like me to break down exactly WHY the costs increased I can actually provide you a letter from Rocky Mountain Health Plan that I requested explaining the rise in my costs for my existing plan and the plan I found through the exchange, when I get it. The nice representative I spoke to on the phone (Amber, because I actually take notes) told me that the reason for this hike is that my former plan was NOT ACA compliant and the increase in my costs was a result a the new plan being ACA compliant. Inevitable whining from you is going to be " but you are getting more benefits that you didn't get before so it is fair". Last time I checked I don't need maternity stuff because I am a guy, I don't have any mental illness, I dont need that, I don't take any prescriptions, do need that. So yes Obamacare increased my costs. Before you ask I make between $60,000 - $85,000 (work for a gas company as a an energy analyst, and have a Masters Degree) so I am not eligible for a subsidy.

That enough proof for you Lone Bolt or would you like to challenge me on something else you have no ****ing clue about.
Tsk tsk Such hostility. I was just asking questions.

So you are implying that you do in fact get better benefits. And as a mental health professional (also master's-level educated) I can assure you that you do need mental health coverage. No history of mental health issues is no guarantee that one will not occur. You could for example be involved in a horrific accident and suffer from PTSD or severe depression. And are you really sure you don't need prescription medication coverage? Even you might come down with an unexpected illness.

Now if you think that the PPACA standard plans cover too much, that can be debated and the law can be reformed if needed. But that's not evidence that it doesn't work at all.

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