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Originally Posted by Jetmeck View Post
That illegitimate pres has screwed us again.

Here is some real world info for you Fox News idiots...........

It lowered my kids healthcare premiums by $200 a month

even with out any subsidies from Uncle Sam.

Money is tight around here like a lot of us and the wife probably

would not have had a mammogram which used to cost us 200 dollars

before Obamacare made it free under wellness exams and etc

Guess what they found pre cancerous cells and will be

removed and along with radiation she will likely be fine.

NOT Putting this off like many would due to cost or no

access to any insurance will save many lives.............

This is another real life example of what you a-holes are fighting

against and have nothing to replace it with.

Go reread your BIBLE...............
Ok, I would like to ask a few questions.

1) How old are your children?
2a) Does your wife have a job?
2b) If not, why not?
3) Are you currently employed?
4) Does your company offer any benefits to spouses or families

please be honest
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