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Originally Posted by Jetmeck View Post
Except it doesn't raise costs..........already saved me 400 hundred on wellness exams just this year. Got prices yesterday on kids healthcare premiums.........200 a month lower.

Free wellness exam caught pre cancer in the wife, without she might have put it off for who knows how long.

As usual you watch too much Fox news...........
Why don't you try being accurate. It does not raise costs for YOU, however for millions of young healthy people, we are going to see drastic healthcare premium increases mine went up from $101.00 a month to $160.00 a month for the same exact plan, that is a 58% increase in my rate. Also, there are more than 20 taxes that are being levied or increased to cover the costs of the subsidies, guess what, those are cost INCREASES, that will be seen by a ton of people and business's. Here is a list of the taxes that will be increased or levied

So just because YOUR rate decreases it doesn't mean that it doesn't raise costs on people or business.
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