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Originally Posted by DenverBrit View Post
You're not only an dumbass, you're a dishonest dumbass. You've spent pages arguing that the private healthcare market IS NOT regulated. Now that I've shown you otherwise, you change direction.

Look in the mirror, and there's that "mentally retarded 2-year old chimpanzee" staring at you.
I could re-post all the proof I've shown you, but it wouldn't do anything. You fail to recognize that Singapore's PRIVATE (free market) family practice sector is unregulated. I tell you that Singapore's healthcare system is going increasingly PRIVATE, you find a private hospital in the PUBLIC system that is regulated...
...and claim that the whole country is regulated.

You're like a thirsty deaf mule braying for water, as you stand knee deep in the creek. What a humongous waste of time.
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