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Originally Posted by gyldenlove View Post
The Avs have been to 2 Stanley cup finals, the Red Wings have been to 24. The Avs have been in the playoffs 21 times, the Red Wings have been in 61 times including the last 22 straight.

If you want to do football comparisons, the Red Wings are like the Cowboys, an old team that has gone to a lot of championships and playoffs. The Avelanche are like the Ravens, they win when they go, but they haven't been in the league that long.
The problem with the Avs was Pierre Lacroix. He was great at operating in a non capped NHL. He could trade away guys and fill holes that he couldn't fill in FA.
He never had to truly build a team with constraints and once the cap era came into play he didn't adjust well.
The Wings have been good in all eras of the game and done extremely well.
I still hate the **** out of them but I give them their proper respect.

That said... Once the Avs get back on track with our young talent we will be roasting those b****es when we get the opportunity to play them.
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