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Originally Posted by BBII View Post
Lolz, Funny time for you kids to start worrying about that...
That op-ed is over two years old.

EPA's Proposed Ozone Regulation Could Cost $1 Trillion
August 25, 2011
Thomas Pyle is the president of the Institute for Energy Research
Who the heck is "Thomas Pyle"?

The Institute for Energy Research has a political arm, the American Energy Alliance, which is responsible for multi-million dollar television advertising campaigns that have attacked energy policy, ideas and positions of the Obama Administration that are contrary to the those held by IER. The American Energy Alliance is run by Thomas (Tom) Pyle, a former lobbyist for Koch Industries. According the its website, the Alliance engages in "grassroots public policy advocacy and debate" regarding energy.

Both IER and the American Energy Alliance are partly funded by the Koch Brothers and their donor network, according to Politico's research, sources - and to reports by Koch-controlled charitable foundations themselves.
Figures. BroncoBeavis is a Koch-sucker.
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