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Originally Posted by DenverBrit View Post

Oh, so now Wiki is a good source.

I'll go with factual business news from the region. Here is a piece on Private Hospital investment in Singapore.

Add the regulations covering drugs and you have a regulated healthcare system, no matter what Wiki says. How do you think a country with a much higher per capita income than the US, spends a fraction of their GDP, compared to the US, on Healthcare without regulation? It doesn't, the system is heavily regulated by a somewhat benign dictatorial Government, that's how costs are suppressed.

Anyway, explain how their healthcare system could be copied by the US without government regulation controlling costs??
To reiterate:

1. Singapore's PUBLIC healthcare system consists of the hospital/end of life sector and is heavily regulated.
2. Singapore's PRIVATE healthcare system consists of family practice and is free market, largely without government spending and controls.
3. Singapore's healthcare system is going increasingly PRIVATE.

It stands to reason that a PRIVATE hospital entering Singapore's PUBLIC hospital system would also be under some of the same regulations and price controls as the PUBLIC hospitals.

Even a mentally retarded 2-year old chimpanzee would understand, yet you cannot seem to grasp it. The only question remaining is how many more pages it will take?
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