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Originally Posted by Arkie View Post
Strip away all the regulations added to the law after it was originally passed, or at least take away Congress's exemption and allow the for individual delay to match the corporations, and you can still keep the rest of the 20,000 pages of regulations.

Like most of you clowns, you don't know the facts.

However that said who doesn't know that most business already offer seems you are b****ing about a very, very small percentage.

Individuals without healthcare are OBVIOUSLY the target of the law.

Individuals will be the core of the plan and with out these people the plan will not work.

So you are back to defunding and repealing, pure and simple.

Read this looney tunes and reply since none of your republican bretheren have the balls to do so..............

Obamacare is saving me hundreds already due to wellcare visits and possibly saved my wifes life............not to mention saving 200 hundred a month on my kids healthcare without any subsidies.

You guys have no clue what you are talking about.

I have real life evidence of that................

Just one more example of your sides incompetence...........

Congress's so called exemption was put in the bill by a republican

senator named also forces lawmakers to join the

pool with the rest of us. Forcing them off their wonderful top notch

plans they have now.

Whys did Grassley do this ? Because he thought he would get more


Republican backfire and they have the nerve to b**** about it.

This bill can and will be amended just like SS and Medicare have

been but not with you wack jobs pointing a gun or holding hostages.

Do it normal business or go **** yourselves.

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