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A: Back pay is NEVER a foregone conclusion. Given the 6 days of furlough already done this fiscal year, it was especially in question. Frankly I assumed we would not get it. By saying we will this just gives them an opening to keep the government closed longer.
B. Paid Vacation none of us wanted. We did 6 days of it already, which is about $5K on my salary and about $10K plus for higher salaries
C. The last time this happened it took months to get the back pay so **** load of good it does the people who need to pay rent NOW. Geezus.
D. Only Non-Exempt can file unemployment so the exempt workers are currently working without getting paid.
E. Regular Federal workers on the GS Scale have had a pay freeze for 5 years so they haven't gotten any increases in pay short of taking a promotion. This freeze is only the GS, not the SES or of course Congress or the President.

As for other idiotic remarks about Fed workers, we do our jobs because we love our country. We are angry right now because we can't do the jobs we love and because fiscally yet again we got ****ed up the ass. The last anal rape though we knew was coming and planned for. This time however, they tore us up and most of us continued to save our money as much as we could, but it still will require a lot to fix. I was just getting back to pre-furlough savings when this **** hit the fan. My agency is looking at a 20% reduction in the workforce and additional cost reduction measures and we've been under our budget for the past 10 years.

Anyway, carry on, I am going to start editing my resume and looking for a new job.
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