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Originally Posted by Rohirrim View Post
The problem is not Congress. These whackos are representing even bigger whackos back home. Fox News has de-educated an entire generation. There is a large swath of idiots across the country who have bought into every piece of "Obama is a socialist Muslim" propaganda that they hear. Every time Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity, Malkin or Limbaugh utter another psycho rant, these people sit there nodding their heads like bobble heads. The reason the fringe nutjobs can control the rest is because many of the rest know they cannot win a primary challenge from a whacko back home. A large slice of the entire nation has gone uber-stupid. There are congressional districts in this country where going full on crazy will win you the seat. Michele Bachmann? I rest my case.

It's the final culmination of the Reagan/Atwater plan to empower poor white trash through the manipulation of their various paranoias. Only now the Rethuglicans have come to the grim realization that they have lost control of the asylum they built.
I agree there's a lot of propoganda being swallowed, it's why polls show much less opposition to the "Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act" - especially when given specifics of the law, than to "Obamacare".

However the majority of Americans, even the majority of republicans are against this shutdown over the ACA. I haven't seen the numbers against defaulting on our debt, but I assume they're similar if not better. Congress is not listening to their constituents. Not about the shutdown, not about gun laws, not about defaulting on debt.

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