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Originally Posted by bronco militia View Post
Fifth-year Avs center Matt Duchene said it was probably the most fun hes had playing hockey in the past four years and reminded him of Roys fights with Detroit goalies Mike Vernon and Chris Osgood.

I was like a kid, sitting on the bench kind of re-living the Vernon fight and the Osgood fight. Its kind of similar, pretty cool. Im giddy right now, Duchene said. Its so fun to win like that and such a difference from the last few years. (Roy) is leading the charge here and were ready for it Maybe it was a little much at the end there, but thats alright we sent a message.
Exactly right duch. Message recieved by the NHL. Love roys fire, however here on out let your squad do the talking. Everyone crying bout roy sending out his goon squad are overly sensitive. Enforcers keep yourr. Stars clean and do work. Would youwant your goons to protec5 your stars? Thats right, STFU
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