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Originally Posted by houghtam View Post
And yet Ted Cruz directly references and likens the current disagreements to the Civil War AND Nazi AppeaSeimiant...and you say nothing.

"Rs and Ds don't matter to me."

Must have missed that interview. Wouldn't disagree with him though. You should have heard pelosi go off. It is becoming a civil war. Our own president says there is no negotiating. People go to war when the feel like there is no other option. A political war is unfolding. Things are getting volatile. Like I said the other day. A couple sparks and this could get real nutty. Our leaders are adding fuel now.

For whatever reason Obama has just made enemies with the other party. It's kinda like Cutler trying to lead the Broncos. It just didn't work because people didn't buy into him. Think back to Jake Plummer. Much less physically talented but the guys liked him. The team rallied to 13-3 and almost made the Superbowl.

We're like a 4-6 team about to give up on the season with Obama at QB. Can we finish the season without the team blowing up are we already looking to next draft/president.

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