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Spencer Larsen

Originally Posted by Jekyll15Hyde View Post
What a ****ing fail of a post. Bull**** revisionist history. The fight starts with Roy landing a very solid blow with another avg shot in. Vernon gets in a glancing blow to start with a another 2 average ones in later. None of the 3 are anywhere near the level of Roy's first shot. Then as they spin around some more, Roy gets in another 3 average shots (similar to what Vernon did with the 2 I mention). Then they wrestle to the ground. So Roy gets the best shot in and lands more total punches.

Typical RW fan.... Thinks the hockey universe revolves around them. Revises history to ensure that their point of view holds.
So the fact that Mike Vernon split Roy's face open and they had to wipe up quite a lot of his blood from his face? Vernon owned him with a couple of really good hooks.

Vernon won that fight, deal with it.
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