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Fedyakin....Gold also reacted to the reduction in spending from the shut down. Now reality is setting in and the stock market is getting beat down, gold up. I don't worry about the short term reactions. It's the long term trends that matter and of course the bigger dips and valleys if you can see them to take profits or buy more.

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Any investment is a sucker bet if you don't play the peaks and valleys correctly.

BTW....I'm calling Bernakes bluff that he will be ending QE soon. I don't think they can or will.

Interesting times ahead! Bubble bubble bubble...pop...bubble bubble bubble pop!
The above post was from July.

Now in a desperate attempt to stabilize the fiat market the fed leaks this out. Market might bounce a couple hundred points then they will start yapping taper talks again. It's all ****ing BS.


The Federal Reserve should reduce the pace of its bond-buying only very slowly “over the next several years” to make sure that the economy is on track of solid growth and moderate inflation, a Fed official said on Wednesday.


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