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They've always been exempt. It's not new. I am a federal employee and I guarantee you the insurance plans, benefits etc that I get as a civil servant are completely different than what they have. The Obamacare thing is not new, it just highlight the disparity that's always existed and will always exist until they are brought to task. Until they have term limits and oh say not 2 year terms so they are always running, it really doesn't matter what people do voting wise. I don't like the shut down, but if we as a people actually capitalize and force those douchebags to make a real change, beginning with legislating actual limits on their power maybe my time without a paycheck will be worth it. :
To impose a mandate on the people and exempt themselves is crap.

Sorry to hear about your property situation. Would be happy to offer any advice I could to help out.

From all the interviews I heard to day on both sides of the isle it sure seems like Reid has dug his heals in and said a big FU to the other side. Like them or not those Rs represent tens of millions of people also. To not even be willing to sit at a table with them won't play out very well.
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