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Chris Harris

Originally Posted by Meck77 View Post
Woah hold on. The facts are out now.

There were just two conditions before the shut down.

1) Families have 1 year to sign up just like the big businesses
2) The congress themselves have to use the same insurance exchanges as we the people.

Why is that so extreme?

Are families less important than big business? Are the politicians better than you Zona?
Kinda funny how during this shutdown they will still get their paychecks even while they are not working. Unlike so many hard working federal employees who now are being sent home without pay. And while many services are down, we still get to pay every last red cent on our taxes, even while our government is only providing some of the services. I want a discount on my taxes if my government is not giving me full services. And for godsake, should these members of congress get paid while they don't work? Screw that. You vote to shut it all down and send millions of workers home without pay, you get to go home without pay also.
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