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Wow. The polls really show how effective the GOP and Fox have been at selling their "Government is the enemy" ideology over the years. The majority of Republicans support the government shut down:

“Republicans support the federal government shutdown by a narrow 49-44 percent margin.” Democrats are against it 90-6 and so are three-in-four independents (74%-19%). The fact that the GOP is divided evenly on this shows the divide in the party and hammers home the point that it’s the party that’s united that wins these battles. On the debt ceiling, the poll finds that almost two-thirds (64-27%) are against blocking an increase in the debt limit as a way to stop the health-care law. BUT a majority of Republicans support doing just that by a 52%-39% margin, as opposed to 86% of Democrats and 62% of independents who do not. Democrats also lead on the congressional ballot by 9 points – 43%-34%, and while President Obama is at just 45% approval, congressional Republicans are at 17%.

No wonder Boehner is drinking.

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