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Q Smith

Originally Posted by TheReverend View Post
Attendance would quadruple, and I think it'd be a successful endeavor, but the rub is that it really does handcuff a new GM.

Instead of acquiring the type of players he wants to, he'd have to alter his whole philosophy and build a team around Tim.

Email convo from yesterday with my Jags fan friend:

Me-Are you feeling that God has smote your team for forsaking his second son?

Him-After Gabbert's pick-six, I looked up to the heavens. Literally, this is what I saw.

Ha, that's pretty funny. I get the idea of handcuffing the GM in terms of building a team in the long term, but signing Tebow to play out the rest of the season there wouldn't handcuff him.

Signing Tebow could mean Millions in revenue for a club that needs to be overhauled. If it did work out, by Tebow being at least what he was in Denver, then you could determine whether or not to build the future around him. Either way, you've got more money to work with.
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