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Mike Shanahan

Originally Posted by DENVERDUI55 View Post
Peyton was never serious about signing with the Cardinals. He felt obligated to visiting them and stayed in Glendale for a few hours but tossed them aside pretty early in the process. AZ's OL was awful and over the cap by a long ways. You also mentioned that Denver's roster was full of garbage players and Denver's OL was awful. It's pretty clear the 20 mil spent on Manning was a hell of a lot better than Hakim Nicks, Carr, and Coefield. We all say dumb stuff it's okay REV.
Pretty crazy to get that impression from "I want to play here"

And Denver's OL was awful... Franklin was a rookie making rookie mistakes, Beadles was awful that season, has Walton even played a snap since? Clady and Kuper were the only good players on it that season.

And what does Hakim Nicks have to do with anything?
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