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Originally Posted by Rohirrim View Post
I think the Clinton Boom just proves the progressive case. Raise taxes on the rich. Change laws and regulations designed to bring jobs back. Get the people back to work and give them a much bigger piece of the pie. Spread the wealth around. The people produce more and they should get more of the benefit of that production, not work like serfs while the rich party. Get the economy up and running, benefiting the most, not the already wealthy few. In a few years, you're back in surplus.

On the other hand, blame it on the government (or Obama) and do everything you can to bring it down and throw out roadblock after roadblock, install more austerity and more tax breaks for the rich, and you will assuredly drive the U.S. into default.
The debt issue didn't start until Reagan decided to say **** it and give his rich buddies a huge tax cut and then spend like a drunken salor.

For all the poo-pooing about democrats being the part of Tax & Spend, Reagan and the republicans ushered in the Borrow & Spend insanity that continues up to the present.
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