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The Defense

Originally Posted by i4jelway7 View Post
I agreed that you took it as a call out thread... after I thought about it I came to the conclusion that this it is not a call out thread b/c I didn't say anything about the comments... so I then edited my post.. you are reading too much into this thread, you are drawing your own conclusions b/c I never posted anything in a "thumping my chest" manner .. nor did I call out anyone, posting what was posted w/o commenting I'm not calling anyone out.. it is not my fault if you lose credibility on the mighty OrangeMane board because of something stupid you posted
Oh man where to start with this. First, you don't have to say anything about the comments for it to be a call out. Second, when you post something like "Wonder what those same morons are saying today?", that my friend is thumping your chest and calling them out. You posted that in the thread that this one is talking about not 20 minutes after you started this thread. Third, I haven't lost credibility on the mighty Orangemane board. Maybe with you, but I think I'll sleep pretty good at night even knowing that.
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