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Originally Posted by Shananahan View Post
I was wrong once.

Feels good to get it off my chest.
Kudos for this reply... awesome post

Originally Posted by MplsBronco View Post
I didn't say he was the reason we lost. What you can't say is that he was the reason we won. Which was the whole point of bringing him here.

Look all I am saying is there is much to prove still. I don't get all geeked out over stats.
He was the reason we were in that game to start with...

Originally Posted by MplsBronco View Post
Don't mean jack ****. You must be like 12 years old.
I must be 12 years old b/c I pointed out the FACT that we have won 14 consecutive regular season games? you are a joke & since you have nothing intelligent to say you resort to a personal attack (must be a closet Faider fan) .. seriously hahaha best to stop posting-- you already lost

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