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Originally Posted by MplsBronco View Post
The jury is still out. This season has been great and all so far but really, these gaudy stats are meaningless unless it leads to a SB win. So far, the playoff experience with Tebow vs the experience with Manning is 1000x better.
Really? One had us in OT in the divisional round, the other was blown out in an embarrassing loss in the divisional round.

I didn't think he would choose denver based on stadium and weather. Didnt think he would go to an NFC team but did think titans. Was a pleasant surprise when it was denver. That thread was fun. Some of the clowns in that list were just tebow fans and bitter that Elway was trying to replace him. If manning chose elsewhere Elway would've still gone with a different QB. Some of these people don't post anymore from shamed, and I wouldn't be surprised if a couple dumped those profiles and made new ones with a fresh persona.

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