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The Defense

Originally Posted by i4jelway7 View Post
well the purpose was not to "call out" anyone.
But that is exactly what you're doing whether you intended to or not.

I've posted some dumb stuff myself... like not wanting to draft Von Miller... (well maybe that wasn't so dumb now considering his status in the drug program)

Hey I didn't think we could get Manning, and in the very beginning, I really didn't want Denver to go after him. I wanted Tebow to get a full year to prove himself. There was no guarantee that we could even get Manning nor was there one were he would be 100% after everything. Was I glad when we did get Manning? Well yes. Am I glad now? Double hell yeah. Does all of that make me a stupid fan because I didn't say I wanted Manning from the very beginning? Well no. It just makes me a fan.
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