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Originally Posted by pricejj View Post
The Revolutionary War was started over a MUCH smaller fine. Would you call those brave men and women...silly?

We did win the election, and that's why we control the House.

You can pay your fine, I politely refuse.

Do you think your law eliminates death? Indeed, it does not. In fact, the only thing it succeeds in doing is attempting to destroy liberty. And this, you shall not take.
You don't have the senate or white house, that's 2/3rds that you didn't win.

Did you seriously compare this to the revolutionary war? With a straight face? Like, the war that established our independence? No taxation without representation? Quartering soldiers in homes? That war?

Prevent death? What in the holy spaghetti monster are you talking about? Do you think seatbelt laws destroy liberty? If you're in a car accident and rack up a 100k hospital bill you can't pay and don't have insurance who do you think ends up footing the bill? Taxpayers. That's why there's a fine. Your decision affects more than just yourself. Stop being silly and stop using hyperbole.
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