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Originally Posted by Taco John View Post
So there's a new strategy making the rounds - we'll see soon how real it is. But basically it's this: rather than yielding to Reid and Obama's desire to shut down the government over a delay, the Republicans in the House may start to pass individual budget measures for essential things, and leave things that aren't deemed essential to just simply go without funding - perhaps even permanently.

In the process, Obamacare simply doesn't get funded, and the Republicans start efforts to advance their own plan which has been in development over the last several months.

Apparently the establishment Republicans like Peter King are howling over this, but Boehner is faced with either doing this, sitting on the bill he just proposed, or hitting the nuclear button and moving against the base and siding with the Democrats.
You're kidding right?

ACA was essentially cobbled together in 2009 with help and direction on both sides of the aisle. It was enacted in March, 2010... there have been 3 years to get it together on this. Apparently that was not enough of a delay... Many on the right have been screaming from day 1 about "death panels" and telling young people to not get health insurance. Its silly.

It is the law and there aren't enough votes to overturn it. Putting the blame on the party that wants the law that is already in effect to continue is bizarre to me. Claiming the ACA is crap isn't bizarre. But this is not the way to play the game and most people know that. Polls reflect this, Republicans know this. This is stupid. It is essentially the same as quitting in the middle of a basketball game and walking home with the ball.

Everyone should take their lumps now accept what is, allow the game/government to go on, then come up with a better plan to try and replace the ACA. Garner the votes. Establish a better plan. Put it on the table.

Everyone sucks. Everyone loses.
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