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Originally Posted by B-Large View Post
that was well said. I still don't get to outrage, Americans have to buy insurance, and those who can't will get help to do so... why is that concept so dangerous really I think you can debate and change the details, like the device tax, but to kill an entire law that is going to really help millions of fellow Americans and is ready to go Midnight tonight, now, is foolish.

But you're right, if the ACA is doomday, Democrats will get killed 2014 and 2016... but Voters didn't see it that way in 2012, not by a close margin, and Romney ran on Repeal.. to me, Americans want a look under the hood... good for them.
The only way Republicans hold onto the House is because they gerrymandered the country into little fiefdoms they control. Without that, they would have already been tossed.
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