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Originally Posted by Rohirrim View Post
The Republicans keep referring to the ACA as a bill. It's not. It's a law. The time to take it down was before it was passed and signed by the president. You're right. They opened the barn door and let out the horses. Now they want to shut down the whole farming operation until somebody brings all the horses back. And they want to blame the whole fiasco on somebody else so their rabid, ignorant, troglodyte base doesn't turn its appetite for destruction on them.
nice analogy, but i'd change Horses with Cats.... lol...

I am just tired of the GOP with this ****, I get it you don't like to LAW, so win some elections and convince the American Elelctorate you can do better... but between "we dislike immigrants, seld deport", their tagline "Maker and Takers" and wasting a year voting 42 times to Repeal the ACA LAW, I don't see them picking up alot of traction among Americans, espeocially those independents. The GOP has become about how bad stuff is, doomsday scenarios, and and longing for times well passed in our Nation.. I don't live like that, I live optimistic, that's why I don't vote GOP anymore.
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