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Originally Posted by B-Large View Post
Obama doesn't need to compromise, thats the point of this whole thing. The PPACA has overcome legislative and judicial hurddles in our Government, the House needs to pay the Bills it has passed and be done with this crap.

If it is terrible as predicted, the ACA falls under it own weight. Republicans pick up steam off the failure into next year on the banner or Repeal, then they can really take care of this law, legislatively.

But you know what, they continue to relitigate and rerun losing campagns from the past right now. They ran a year long presidential election on being Anti-ACA (Ironically with the guy who signed the ACA's little brother), and they lost, and not close either.

I am tired of the GOP, let this things go, if is fails it fails.. I don;t want to go back to square one, cause it sucked much worse.
The Republicans keep referring to the ACA as a bill. It's not. It's a law. The time to take it down was before it was passed and signed by the president. You're right. They opened the barn door and let out the horses. Now they want to shut down the whole farming operation until somebody brings all the horses back. And they want to blame the whole fiasco on somebody else so their rabid, ignorant, troglodyte base doesn't turn its appetite for destruction on them.
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