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Originally Posted by Meck77 View Post
Slowest spending? Every google search I see reports our national debt is up 6 trillion with the recent admin or more than any other in history.

Look for the R's and D's with me. I could give a **** about either group. The debt and spending is one in the same in my eyes.

To answer your question YES. Support massive cuts in military spending abroad and believe we need to refocus resources to our own borders. I've mentioned my friend numerous times who's worked in the pentagon, the White House, been on the battle fields around the globe. He is also of the opinion we need to focus on America and not police the world also.

There is war on the streets of Chicago, Detroit, and in Mexico!
Meanwhile, the top 1% raked in 95% of the profits made in the "recovery" for the last five years. I guarantee you, the overwhelming majority of that money was not recirculated into the American economy. It was cached offshore. This is a form of parasitism. How long do you think the country can continue to feed the insatiable greed of these parasites before it collapses?
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