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Originally Posted by pricejj View Post
Make my day.

Go ahead, shut down the government. Great way to reduce the deficit, and great way to reduce the liability of future generations. Shut it down for the whole year if you want (or longer). Time to start paying down some of that debt. The American people DO NOT NEED the US government.

The House holds the purse strings, and all their asking for is a delay in forcing all Americans to purchase insurance (the entire law is a train wreck right now anyway). So no, the Democrats do not hold all the cards. The US government was specifically designed to provide checks and balances, while limiting the power of the federal government. That's exactly what is happening here.
You do realize that a shotdown doesn't change the LTD, right?
You do relize that most of the current deficits come from mandatory spending, right?
You do realize that the ACA has been "checked", it was checked on consitutional powers form the SCOTUS
The US needs government to function, your assertion is ignorant- I guess if we don't need government, we don't need that Constitution.. lawlessness, no national defense..... makes sense.
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