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Yeah let's get control of our spending. Radical!!!!!!!!!!!

It is broken Ro. Exactly the reason it should be shut down and rebuilt from the ground up.

I see the comment of "you are out of touch" being thrown out a lot.

The representative you guys think are representing you are mega multi millionaires both democrat and republicans getting big fat pay checks and pensions!

Their concern is their own personal interests and deals while they fool the simple minded into thinking there is some "big conflict" between the parties.

I've seen it first hand at the Colorado Capital. On TV they jaw with one another, put on big public debates that are knock down drag out battles. At noon you'll see these "sworn" enemies at the capital grill on Colfax yucking it up together talking about what a "display" they put on. I know. I've heard it first hand and followed these chumps from the capital after hearings to the bar to have a listen. It's disgusting. This is just Colorado. DC is 10X worse!

Oh and make no mistake. The representatives at the State level have mega millions also. Hickenlooper is so out of touch it's unbelievable. He cashed in his restaurant empire for MASSIVE I mean massive amounts of TOD or transit oriented development land along light rail stops around Denver. He gobbled up a ton of it while RTD was on their eminent domain rampage years ago.

Hick and other Dems sold the Denver voters tax increase after tax increase for FasTracks in the name of "public housing" and "transit needs". The reality is Light Rail is ALL about DEVELOPMENT. Just one small example.

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