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Since when is it considered proper governance to threaten to destroy economy in order to get your way in a negotiation? Negotiation is about finding common ground and making concessions, and the leverage used should be in the form of supporting various causes in exchange for support in others. Holding a gun to the country's head in exchange for concessions is destructive to the entire political process, and just a mind-blowingly awful way to approach negotiation.

The only thing I can imagine is that this whole thing is either a spotlight grabbing and fundraising charade, or they truly don't care if they burn the entire process down in exchange for 100% of what they want.

They are either going to go right up to the brink and then back down (looking like this whole thing was a sham from the start anyway), or they are truly going to disrupt the government and there will be a significant backlash when the stock market plunges in the aftermath. Either way, this is terrible political strategy for the GOP. Great if you're trying to sell books and raise money for 2014 from your base, I guess, but it's a huge gamble with very little upside. There's no way the President would sign a bill gutting his top domestic achievement right before it starts, and they don't have anywhere close to the number of votes in the Senate.

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