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This is just ONE example that I'm talking houtham.

The Kauffman foundation has an entire different program. Start Up weekend. Google it.

Thousands of meetings across the globe are happening right now to help launch the next great start up biz. This is the type of activity that is going to fix our nations problems. The problem is the government is actually getting in the way with more regulations, taxes, fees, imposing health care plans on small business to hinder expansion etc etc.

These guys are making HUGE waves in the start up community.

No offense Hougtam but you admitted you are of the retirement mindset. That's ok. Hey power to you. I could be "retired" but honestly it would bore the hell of me. At 38 I still have plenty of gas in the tank to fix some problems out there. When you love what you do it isn't work IMO.

This isn't about how you or I spend our time. However my point is related in that as much as you thing I'm disconnected from REALITY your retirement status you probably aren't in tune with all the amazing Start up meetings/investment incubators/opportunities that are out there that people like myself ARE tuned into and supporting.

We are either part of the SOLUTION or PART of the problem. Sure discussing ideas in here has some synergy and could result in some great ideas but at the end of the day all the ideas in here don't mean jack **** and are a complete WASTE of time if nobody actually runs it, steps out into the real world to help implement it, or at a minimum march into their state capital to let that idea be heard in a public forum. Right now ANY of us could march into our State Capitals to rant just like we do in here. How many of you have actually done it? Would do it? Want to do it?

I really believe the solutions to many of the problems we are discussing in this forum will be solved via the entrepreneurs meeting in the rooms I'm talking about now. Ideas are being attacked with 50 great minds at once in the spirit of efficiency, innovation, AND REALLY HELPING PEOPLE. Meanwhile our government is doing the very opposite. They are looking out for their own political interests/pocket books and some of you want to trust them with revolutionizing health care in our country?

That's ****ing insane.

Lastly the bickering and shut down talk IMO is to instill fear in the American people to strengthen our reliance on them.

Shut the damn thing down. Let's start with paychecks and pensions of ALL those who work or have worked at the capital. Oh wait. They exempted their pay from every being stopped and in fact given themselves raises. *spit*

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