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Well, the YMCA is a Christian organization, for one. But I see your point. And it's a valid one. But do you honestly think the reaction from the right would be any different for incentivizing growing food or healthier school lunches than it has been for any of the other "green" ideas they've been promoting?

Hell, look at Michelle Obama's school lunch programs. Nothing but complaints. "My son is an athlete and he's just not getting enough food." Nevermind that the school lunch programmed isn't designed for your son's 3500 calorie diet. "Look at that Michelle Obama, she has such a big ass, what does she know about health?"

Face it. It wouldn't matter if Obama came out with a plan to stop global warming, feed the poor and cure cancer, people would b**** about it because it came from him. They've been chanting obstruction since before he took the oath of office. They've been promoting the idea that he's a Muslim, not a citizen, a celebrity and not a President...all this before he even stepped into office. So no, it's not the policies that he's enacted that have caused people to do this...they're just looking for a reason to hate.

So while I think your ideas about promoting health would do better to make our country healthier in the long run than just throwing money at the problem, it's pie-in-the-sky thinking. Obama can't bend down to tie his shoes without being criticized for doing it the "wrong way".
Well the YMCA was just an example. They could offer subsidies to thousands of private companies to offer low cost access to poor.

Well if you are correct then our government is set up to keep people on the government tit by design. We like to blame the left or the right but the reality is regardless of which group controls the Executive branch, house, or senate the system IS designed to keep Americans reliant on the government which benefits the politicians, justifies their existence, salaries, life long pensions and bloated budgets.

This is why I'm of the free market mindset and just don't believe the government really wants to or can fix our health problems. In fact I believe they will just make it more expensive and probably worse for more people.

The good thing is there are plenty of entrepreneurs banding together across the United States to tackle the issues the government just won't/can't fix. There is a HUGE movement happening even though you don't know it. There are poor people, young people, experienced Silicon Valley people meeting in the same rooms across the country constantly. We are going to see an explosion in amazing start ups in the next 1-5 years. Mark my words.

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