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Originally Posted by houghtam View Post
That's actually a really good point. The conservatives on this board have time and time again pointed out how "if Obama does X" he'll open the door for future presidents to do the same. For example, selective enforcement.

This works both ways. If he doesn't stand up to the House, what sort of precedent do you think this will set? Do you think the GOP will control the House forever? Do you enjoy the prospect of having the House determine policy if/when another GOP candidate ever gets into the White House? Moreover, do you realistically think Obama is going to let that happen for that reason alone, not to mention the fact that he's said time and time again he's not going to alter his signature piece of (legally passed, Supreme Court vetted, election-survived) legislation.

This, all over and above the fact that they're demanding a compromise from something that was already a compromise to begin with.
I would love to see the Democrats try to do something to limit spending in the House. That would be wonderful.
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