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Originally Posted by Taco John View Post
I'm actually stunned. I thought this was a great compromise. I can't believe Reid and Obama aren't willing to budge an inch and instead choose to preside over a shut down over such a small concession. I guess I have to credit them for having principles too.

I think they're making a serious mistake though. I'm pretty sure our side will hold the line in the House and get the same extension for the people that Obama granted to big business. That's an easy hill for our side to find footing and fix bayonets on.
It's the far right and the fools who pander to them that are throwing a childish tantrum. Like it or not, the ACA was passed by both houses and upheld by the Supreme Court. What we are witnessing is nothing more than a far right, ideological power play that reinforces the corrupt, dysfunctional cluster **** in DC.

Why bother to have elections and pass bills?
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