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Default Old OM soul - new name...

Haven't been here for a while.

Stopped posting shortly after the passing of one of our favorite late night drinkers.

But every new season breeds new bravado and bets and hope.

KC and Den both 3-0.

Honestly, this is how things should be. When we both had our times in our prime this is the type of season that just naturally evolved.

Sure, we both hate the Raiders but only in the way we hate the 22 year old kid with a "please give" sign that refuses to work. It's sad, wrong, and you feel sick by it but you also just walk by and not really give a $#it.

They're the Raiders. There's a reason they are what they are.


We're different. Better.

When we suck WE STILL CARE.

We still hate. I know, deep down, the greatest fear in the hearts of Denver fans is a team with a great defense and a home crowd that actually gives a $3it to be loud enough to drown out the helmet calls.

We also fear the seasoned QB able to strike at any point on the field and manage a drive at the end of the game to eat all clock and put in 7.

It may just be the Chiefs homer in me but our defense is back. Our crowd is back.

Your HOF QB is back with a lethal TE and very average running game.

It just seems DESTINED TO BE a playoff game...
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