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Wow, whatís going on with Facebook? I bought lightly on the opening IPO and lost my shorts but when it dropped to 18 dollars I bought a crap-load and it's now over 50. I had requested an auto-sell at 50 but pulled it last week. Iím not sure how much longer to ride this out?

Also thinking about jumping hard on Twitter but will probably stay away from the IPO. I donít see how Twitter will generate income but Facebook didnít make sense either ÖÖÖ. Go figure, itís a strange world we live in.
Let me ask you this. How many investments in life have you said "woulda coulda shoulda".

Shoulda sold before the clinton .com bubble burst, shoulda sold that rental before the real estate bubble popped in 2008

Shoulda bought gold when it was $300 on ounce etc etc...

Go with your gut pony but I'm big fan of not trying to time the highs and lows and locking in some profits never hurts! Even if FB goes up after you take profits you can buy back in on a dip, move those funds to diversify into something else etc etc

Oh as far as FB itself. It's revolutionizing the way people communicate. It's potential is limitless....

I'm working on a similar idea and relating it to real estate. The traditional methods to buy and sell real estate are stressful and inefficient. Look for my IPO in a couple years.

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