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Originally Posted by Agamemnon View Post
Holy **** these people going full retard with the Chiefs hype.
I heard some idiot on NFL Insiders on ESPN today say that the only team in the AFC that can match up to the Broncos is kFc.

He said that the chefs could cover all of our WR's and something about Eric Berry being soo good at jumping routes or something.

kFc can pass rush when they want to but they cannot stop the run, we have 3 backs that, when they protect the ball, will exploit their poor rush D. Flowers was beat like a drum vs Dez Bryant. The DT, Thomas, Decker, Welker, et all combo will destroy them.

Our D is not dominant but they control the LOS, we are the best vs the run and we have way more depth than kFc in the secondary. 5 yard Alex will not have the luxury of throwing short, our LB's can cover and tackle and we will have Von back by then.

It is nice to see kFc be good enough not to draft an impact player but to think they are going 9-0 and have a chance to beat us is laughable.
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