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Great week of practice!!!
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Bradley Roby

It's cute how Chef fan has transitioned very quickly from self-loathing bitter fan to chest pounding homer fan. Yes their defense is good. Yes their team is improved (8-8) a real possibility, but their offense is dog sh*t and it's an offensive driven league. You have Charles and you have Bowe and then you have a whole lotta crap to mediocre. Dexter McCluster? Donnie Avery? Lolerz. Von is going to do things to Eric Fisher that will probably get him suspended for another six games. And last but not least they have Captain Checkdown, Mr. Little Girl Tiny Hands himself running the whole show. Alex ****ing Smith is not beating a Peyton Manning team with Welker, Decker, Thomas, and Thomas to throw to. And they know this, which is why Chefplanet has all of these obsessive cheer-leading injuries threads that pop up week after week after week. They know that baring injury, a Manning rape-o-poloza is coming. And it's not going to be a gentle one either.
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