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Originally Posted by Agamemnon View Post
Yeah I didn't see him getting any special treatment to be honest. He was getting about as much help as Clady would've gotten. I really don't get what Jekyll was watching.
I just zipped through the 1st half on DVR again. The only series where the majority of passing plays didnt have a TE or RB help was the first series. After that, at least half or more of the passing plays in each series did have help but I was definitely wrong to call it 75-80%. And with it being so close to half overall, its not really a tendency.

I guess it was just when I was observing it and how it was sticking in my mind. I would say that the tendency was strong there on obvious passing down like 3rd and 5+. Most often an RB at Manning's left.

Ironically, all 3 TD passes did not have any help. And looking at the running plays, when there was no TE over there to help Clark, it seemed like they wanted to run to weak side a little more often than the strong side.
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