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all @ same time

Here are some other things I love about Singapore's Healthcare:

1) 36% of each paycheck is automatically taken into mandated savings accounts. 36%! And that's before taxes.

2) There’s a Marriage and Parenthood Package, where you get S$6000 (nearly $5k USD) per each child you have. If the child has a congenital condition, you get even more. The government will also match every dollar you put into your child development account. We should definitely introduce this in the USA.

3) The government controls the number of students and physicians that are licensed in the country. It also controls how much they can earn. It also uses bulk purchasing power to spend less on drugs. They're using centralized authority to keep costs low, not the free market.

4) The Prime Minister of Singapore sounds pretty great Check out this speech from last month:

Singapore’s Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong announced a number of policy adjustments on Sunday evening in areas such as medical insurance and education, outlining a strategic shift in his approach to nation building.
Individuals must still do their best, but the community and government must do more to reduce the pressures on individuals, he said at the annual National Day Rally.

In one of the key changes announced in the evening, Lee said that the government is revamping the country’s medical insurance system to move towards universal and life-long coverage.
Oh well, conservatives still have Somalia.

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