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Originally Posted by Blart View Post

Here's the issue I have: Singapore's healthcare system is pretty much Obamacare, if Obamacare relied more on government.
Then you must absolutely LOVE Singapore's healthcare system? Unfortunately, Singapore and Obamacare are very different.

Originally Posted by Blart View Post
Mandate much? Individuals are required to contribute a percentage of their monthly salary based on age to a personal fund to pay for treatments and hospital expenditures.
Yes, money you get to keep. You can use your family HSA to pay for healthcare, education, housing, or retirement. It's also commutable from family member to family member. The best part? YOU make the choice where to spend YOUR money. Which is in essence what the free market is all about. This enables you to receive the highest quality care for the lowest price.

Obamacare forces an individual mandate to pay for health insurance premiums. Money which you never see again, nor can you use to pay for actual healthcare.
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